Why Choose Stagetime?

Stagetime is a newly designed approach to theatre education. At Stagetime we aim to actively build both life and performance skills, embracing engagement, embodiment, and enactment. The latest educational studies all conclude that the key skills enabled by theatre studies lessons (critical thinking, collaboration, problem solving, imagination, communication, conflict resolution, agility, and empathy) are vital to our children’s futures both socially and in their future ability to find employment.


Which is great except… Over the last few years it has become clear that there is a real danger of “The Arts” being pushed out of our school curriculums completely. Formal provision for Drama has already gone from our primary schools, and GCSE drama is also under threat. Currently there is no entitlement for primary children to learn about or take part in regular drama lessons, and for those schools who try to keep these subjects onboard no guarantee that they will be allowed to employ specialist teachers for what will be an “off timetable” activity. So though previously parents have looked for opportunities for their children to have fun with out of school activities, more recently the choice of these activities has become even more relevant to their futures.

So why choose Stagetime for your child?

Quality of Teaching:

Stagetime is committed to ensuring that all our teachers are qualified to degree level or above in Theatre Studies, many also have a PGCE and all are DBS checked.


We also have a DBS checked chaperone in attendance in our classes to ensure child safety at all times.


The Venues:

Our lessons take place in luxury, purpose built studios with sprung floors, mirrors, air conditioning and family changing rooms. Parents too can take advantage of the onsite facilities from free parking to a little rest and relaxation be it having a coffee in one of the cafés or a meal in the bar or restaurant.

The Syllabus:

Stagetime's syllabus is being created with West End professionals and qualified Drama teachers, and as such will be at the leading edge of current thinking for the three main teaching strands: Drama, Singing, and Dancing. We will be offering our young performers a unique system of rewards and achievement levels, and each child can progress at their own pace along an individually tailored journey through this innovative system of rewards.











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