What is Stagetime?

Stagetime is a fresh, fun approach to theatre education. Teaching children Singing, Acting, and Dancing using teachers qualified in the relevant disciplines and using only comfortable, high quality venues, Stagetime makes Performing Arts more accessible than ever.

The benefits of Performing Arts for children are well documented. Children will have the opportunity to boost their confidence, concentration and self-esteem, and learn many vital, highly transferable skills, such as interpersonal skills, self-discipline and motivation.  And not forgetting, of course, having FUN!

Performing Arts Education
Children having fun

Our classes are taught by teachers with qualifications in the relevant areas and, unlike many other groups, we do not restrict our classes in aiming towards a particular show, preferring to concentrate on the student and teaching them the safe and professional techniques and skills required for a variety of performance types.

Our young performers will soon benefit from a unique system of rewards and achievement levels using a bespoke syllabus created with current West End professionals and qualified Drama teachers. This means that each child (and parent) can take pride in their individually tailored journey through our fun, innovative system of rewards.

The Story So Far


Stagetime is a passion project for Theo Millward, owner and Managing Director of Swimtime UK Ltd.  Theo wanted to combine his passion for theatre with his belief in the provision of inclusive activities for children that help maintain both their physical and mental wellbeing, improving their confidence and adding to their skills. So in 2016, Theo set about building an experience that could offer a professional standard of performing arts teaching to children in safe, high quality facilities, while assuring parents that that their children are being taught by properly qualified teachers.

His first port of call was Alex Hinton - Director and Co-Producer of Mad Cow Productions, a successful theatre company based in Shropshire.  Theo had been a member of Mad Cow for almost five years, and admired the company's ethos that fun can go hand-in-hand with hard work and high standards. When Theo approached Alex to bring this same sense of aspiration and fulfilment to Stagetime, she was immediately enthusiastic about the idea, and Theo was delighted to welcome her on board as Creative Consultant, bringing years of valuable experience in theatre and teaching, along with professional connections in the West End.

Theo then approached Ryan Brown, who was a fellow member of Mad Cow Productions and had impressed him with a dedication to hard work and a passion for performing.  As a father to three budding performers himself, Ryan shared many of the same aspirations for what Stagetime should represent, and could help relate the experience to the expectations and capabilities of modern students. Ryan was added to the team to manage policy and create an infrastructure that supported students, parents and teachers of Stagetime.

With the core team in place, October 2016 saw trial classes run at the Village Hotel Club in Warrington. An excellent turnout was followed by fantastic feedback, resulting in the first course starting just two weeks later.

Stagetime Shrewsbury launched at The Shrewsbury Club in January 2016.


With some excellent teachers on board, enthusiastic students and wonderfully positive feedback from the parents, the future looks bright for Stagetime...


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