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February 28, 2017

Natalie Watts - Tutor at Stagetime in Shrewsbury - writes about her experience so far with Stagetime.

I can't remember a time when I didn't love theatre and didn't dream of being a performer. It was inevitable for me that I would continue to pursue my passion and attend drama school (at the Guildford School of Acting), and although my professional career quickly gave way to a family life, it never extinguished my love of theatre.

After living vicariously through my daughter for a while (she now attends Arts Ed in London - proud mum alert!) My love of theatre didn't stop there and I returned to performing in 2015 with Mad Cow Productions. Through performing with them my passion was again ignited and my confidence soon returned, so much so that I returned to GSA to study again and graduated with a first class degree in Theatre in 2016. It's now that I get to pass on my skills as a performer to the younger generation thanks to Stagetime. 


Stagetime appealed to me because of its ethos of making it possible for every child to achieve at their own level and the fantastic and talented people involved in creating the syllabus. Children thrive on achievement and reward and this in turn increases their confidence and creativity. Having an established and successful West End performer (Graham Newell) as Creative Director makes me sure that what the children are learning on all levels is credible and relative to the performance industry should they decide to pursue it further. That's also what I like most about Stagetime, each individual child can get out of it exactly what they want - from a boost of confidence to help with anxiety or shyness, from body awareness and co-ordination to help with balance, right up to coaching for professional training.


We are lucky at Stagetime Shrewsbury that we get to use the amazing facilities at The Shrewsbury Club, high quality studios and a lovely friendly environment make this a great place to nurture young talent and have lots of fun.


One of the best things about being a Tutor at Stagetime is seeing the development of the children I teach - shy, quiet and nervous children can quickly start to come out of their shells and forget why they even felt shy in the first place. The children enjoy learning about musical theatre through fun games and activities, learning objectives very much focus on skills that not only serve to improve performance levels but can also be used in their every day lives, listening, concentration, trust, projection, posture, confidence, body awareness, imagination, compassion, the list goes on, and all of it whilst having lots of fun and making new friends.

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