Getting to Know me!


Saskia Fuchs (Sas)


Where are you from?:

Shropshire born and bred!


What's your favourite type of music?:

I am all for a bit of Soul & Disco! (and Musical Theatre Of Course)

What three songs do you listen to the most?:

1)September by Earth, Wind & Fire

2) I’m every Women by Chaka Khan

3) And I am Telling you – Jennifer Hudson


What was the last TV series you saw? Did you enjoy it?:

Oh gosh, Jodie Whittaker in ‘Trust Me’ on BBC 1 where she faked being a qualified Doctor. I was holding on for dear life the whole way through! Compelling acting and gripping storyline. I have also watched every series Of Peppa Pig, so I am a bit of an expert on that too!


What was the last live performance you saw? Did you enjoy it?: 

If we take out Mister Maker Live, which was a rip roaring night out… I saw Dreamgirls in London and it was phenomenal. Amber Riley was out of this world. Not a dry eye in the house!


What's your most used/ favourite app on your phone?:

I love a bit of Instagram!! Always love to document my crazy life on my Instagram stories…I also use it as a bit of recipe and cooking inspiration!!!


Who is your favourite performer?:

That is such a hard question! I have always adored Julie Walters. She is an incredibly competent actress and I adore how she can drift between straight and comedy acting so well. She is an incredible writer too! I am totally in love with Kristen Wiig right now as well.


What's your favourite TV series?:The Office US! I’m in love with Steve Carell!! I loved SMASH too but that’s no longer around :( 

What's your favourite musical?:

Sound of Music probably tops the bill for me. Book of Mormon was absolutely out of this world live! I am also a MASSIVE MGM fan, so Wizard of Oz, Singin’ in the Rain, Top Hat… I have too many to name! I just love how new shows are constantly being created and old ones rejuvenated all the time!

What's your favourite song from a musical?:

I love Edelweiss from Sound of Music. It’s a simple one but so beautiful and poignant.


What made you start performing?:

Watching my mum sing from a young age professionally I always knew I wanted to be on the stage, it was only when I was a teenager that I started in some bigger shows and realised how amazing it made me feel and how awesome it was to share my talent and passion with other people!


Finally, give a funny/ interesting story about a performance you have given...

It was an accidental performance but I was at a Soul & Funk Festival in the Summer watching Chaka Khan and she ended up getting me up on stage to sing with her! So I spent 5 minutes of my life in front of 2000 people, fronting a 12 piece live band and singing a duet with Chaka Khan..Needless to say I was completely gob smacked but totally gave it my all! Dreams definitely can come true!!!!


140b Longden Coleham


United Kingdom


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