Getting to Know me!


Samm Hewitt

Where are you from? 


What's your favourite type of music?

I love music with meaning. Being a Singer/Songwriter I have a huge passion for

lyrics and feeling the music.

What are three songs do you listen to the most?

Luther Vandross – Dance With My Father

Michael Jackson – You Are Not Alone

Lady Gaga – Million Reasons.

What was the last TV series you saw? Did you enjoy it?

Benidorm. Of course I enjoyed it! It reminds me of Mancunian people that would do anything for a little bit of sun.

What was the last live performance you saw? Did you enjoy it?

Adele live at the M.E.N. Arena. It was a phenomenal experience, one of the most memorable of my life.

What's your most used/ favourite app on your phone?

Facebook. It is just the easiest way for me to connect with people and promote my music.

Who is your favourite performer? 

P!NK, because her stage presence is just everything!

What's your favourite TV series?

Will and Grace!!!!!

What's your favourite musical?

Oh wow, that’s tough! I would say either Little Shop of Horrors or The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

What's your favourite song from a musical?

'I Love You I Do' – Dreamgirls! The rhythm is so high energy!

What made you start performing?

When I joined the choir in primary school I was placed at the front, from that point on I knew I wanted to perform!

Finally, give a funny/ interesting story about a performance you have given...

Recently I made it through to the top 40 boys on BBC1’s Let It Shine. After my performance I was receiving my critique and accidentally cut Amber Riley from glee off because I couldn’t hear a word she was saying. It was one of those smile and wave moments!


140b Longden Coleham


United Kingdom


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