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Lisa Morris


Where are you from?:

Shrewsbury born and bred.


What's your favourite type of music?:

I have notoriously bad taste in music. I have been known to more than indulge in a little bit of cheesy pop like Westlife, Aqua and Hanson! That being said, my musical tastes range from heavy rock to folk and acoustic and everything in between. I truly love a bit of anything.


What three songs you listen to the most?:

At the moment I have Florence and the Machine, Enter Shikari and Elbow on in the car. So I’d have to say 'Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up)', 'Jonny Sniper' and 'Starlings'. 'Starlings' is a thing of beauty.


What was the last TV series you saw? Did you enjoy it?:

I’m currently watching American Gods and my word is that something else! Beautiful, surreal storytelling with some fantastic imagery – it has these Terry Gilliam-esque visuals that just feel much more right than they should. The world that the series builds is extraordinary, it transcends these ideas of reality and faith and knowledge. It’s a real labour of love.


What was the last live performance you saw? Did you enjoy it?: 

I’ve just seen the Royal Opera House live stream of Otello. It’s just incredible. The whole stage moves and shifts on these little tracks so throughout the glorious singing and beautiful acting you have these exquisite vistas and frames being built that can make the space much more intimate, or open it up entirely. Gardens appear out of nowhere, an enormous ship sailed past, and then they all disappear into the wings again. It’s very beautiful, but also has some lovely comedy moments where the actors really get chance to play with the set – the drinking scene where the stage floor was moving side to side and actors rolling around ‘drunk’ on it was great fun to watch.


What's your most used/ favourite app on your phone?:

Facebook – but it’s not my favourite. It’s become a real problem, you can get addicted to it very quickly and before you know it an hour of your life is gone just bimbling about on it. I like to Geo-Cache, and I don’t think I’d survive without Genius Scan – I can digitise notes from meetings, receipts and documents with a click!


Who is your favourite performer?:

To be honest, I don’t think I have one. Anyone has the power to either really move or utterly disappoint and I’ve not seen enough of one person in particular to truly love their work. I value pieces over people I think. I really like to see my friends and colleagues perform though – it gives me such a buzz watching someone you know do something they’ve worked really hard at.


What's your favourite TV series?:

BoJack Horseman. It’s an animated sitcom about a washed up actor (who is also a humanoid-esque horse). On the surface it should be totally ridiculous, but it’s incredibly funny and at some points completely heart-breaking. I’ve been in tears once or twice watching it.


What's your favourite musical?:

Smart answer: Evita or Chicago

Actual answer: Cats

I told you I had bad taste!

What's your favourite song from a musical?:

Hmmm…..’I Know Him So Well’ from Chess is a classic isn’t it? Although ‘Still Hurting’ from The Last 5 Years is a great song. It's such a clever musical because it’s kind of designed so it looks like it’s about both people in a failed relationship, but in reality it’s totally one sided and all about the writers failings and we all have to look at him and be sympathetic to the misery that he got himself into. And ‘Still Hurting’ really pin-points that; even in this poignant solo from his partner – it’s still all about him. 


What made you start performing?:

I’d finished dancing lessons (I used to do Ballroom, Latin American, Jive when I was younger) and was looking for something new. I started at what was then Shrewsbury Youth Theatre at 11 years old and never looked back. I loved being able to create performance, to improvise and then later to really get my teeth into a script. I’ve always been a theatre student – I like to really understand text and analyse performance – and now I’m headed back to university to do my PhD in the performance department at Chester.


Finally, give a funny/ interesting story about a performance you have given...

This is probably the scariest moment I’ve had on stage. So, we’re performing a piece that we created after my MA, ‘Letters From Another Island’. And it uses a LOT of technology. Not top of the range stuff, oh no. Real analogue stuff from the 80’s that if you don’t keep an eye on it will betray you by breaking and glitching all over the place. So my colleague has gone to get the audience (it’s a contemporary piece, they walk in as it’s starting), and in that time, the rest of us have started goofing around, making each other laugh and generally being very silly. Suddenly the audience are here! We’re totally not ready for this, and have been caught off guard and immediately the room starts to shake in that weird way a room that’s full of technology does. So I grab on to the mixing desk, look over to another of my friends and say ‘Don’t worry, I’ve got this.’ And spend the entire entrance sequence trying to get everything back into place, everyone back into performance mode and try to perform all of my sequences as well. Turned into one of the best performances of that piece ever, but we all decided that that was not a good way to begin a show!


140b Longden Coleham


United Kingdom


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