Getting to Know me!


Emma Bakare

Where are you from? 


What's your favourite type of music?

I love Gospel music.

What three songs do you listen to the most?

Mary Mary - Shackles,

Somewhere Only We Know - Keane

Let Praises Rise - ORU Worship Centre

What was the last TV series you saw? Did you enjoy it?

Pretty Little Liars - I was hooked  from the first episode. I watched all six season in a month! 

What was the last live performance you saw? Did you enjoy it?

I saw Trouble in Mind and the Print Room in Notting Hill. It was a great theatre piece. 

What's your most used/ favourite app on your phone?

Google Maps, I cant find anywhere without it!

Who is your favourite performer? 

Michael Jackson will always be my favourite performer, he put his heart and soul into everything he did. 

What's your favourite TV series?

Friends, I  can watch it over and over again and still laugh like I'm watching it for the first time.

What's your favourite musical?


What's your favourite song from a musical?

Defying Gravity from Wicked - love those high notes.

What made you start performing?

I was very shy at school and I wanted to gain more confidence so I started auditioning for school plays. I loved acting so much and I realised I had a talent for it so I stuck with it.

Finally, give a funny/ interesting story about a performance you have given...

When I was performing a Christmas play at secondary school a glass bottle broke on stage. I had the quick thinking to get the broom and sweep up the glass in character. Everyone in the audience thought it was part of the performance!


140b Longden Coleham


United Kingdom


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