Getting to Know me!


Charlotte Evans 

Where are you from?:

I’m from Shrewsbury! 


What's your favourite type of music?:

I love anything I can dance to.

What three songs do you listen to the most?:

“Rive” by Bishop Briggs, “Conrad” by Ben Howard and I’m enjoying dancing

and I'm listening to The Cinematic Orchestra’s “To Build a Home” at the moment. 


What was the last TV series you saw? Did you enjoy it?:

I re-watched Friends for the millionth time… I love it


What was the last live performance you saw? Did you enjoy it?: 

I went to see The Birmingham Royal Ballet’s Nutcracker as I do every year; it gets me into the festive spirit. I also went to see Miss Saigon and it was AMAZING, I cried, laughed and cried some more. 


What's your most used/ favourite app on your phone?:

I’m a little bit addicted to Instagram, I love sharing photographs and getting inspired by the people I follow.


Who is your favourite performer?:

Maria Kochetkova, the Principle Dancer for the San Francisco Ballet. She’s so body positive and a major inspiration. In interviews she talks about how we should not limit ourselves because of the way we look but use our body creatively and effectively. I could watch her dance all day, her performances are so emotional, and she really connects to her characters.


What's your favourite TV series?:I love Game of Thrones and, of course, Friends. 

What's your favourite musical?:

Am I allowed more than one? Cats, A Chorus Line, Miss Saigon... There are too many brilliant musicals it’d be impossible to pick one!

What's your favourite song from a musical?:

"What I did for Love from A Chorus Line" - There’s so much love for the performance industry in this song and it shares the reality of a dancer’s life.


What made you start performing?:

I took part in a lunch time dance club at school. The dance teacher had me and a friend perform a ballet duet for our end of year show. I was so nervous but as soon as I stepped onto the stage for the first time, I instantly fell in love. We had so much positive feedback and we were asked to perform the duet for another two events! 


Finally, give a funny/ interesting story about a performance you have given...

While I was performing in Barcelona, there was a moment when my dance partner had to hold me up high off the edge of the stage. During rehearsal he accidentally dropped me (I face planted the floor OUCH) Well the Director liked the effect it had and choreographed it into the piece. I had to learn how to get dropped off the stage without injuring myself… let’s just say I had a few bruises throughout the rehearsal process. 


140b Longden Coleham


United Kingdom


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